About Us

Company Overview:

NextImage Medical was established by Liz Griggs in 2009 to provide Worker’s Compensation payors – including insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured employers – with the highest quality, fastest, and most technologically advanced solutions to manage Workers’ Compensation costs.  NextImage Medical has developed the industry’s leading scheduling platform known as the NextImage Grid™ which has the ability to expertly capture, transport, and store radiology studies and reports. NextImage Medical and our radiology partners are committed to lowering the cost of radiology services through the entire continuum of care. We believe that our cooperative model of working with patients, payers and providers is the answer to the healthcare industry’s demand for high-quality, low-cost imaging.


Imaging orders are placed online, by fax, by phone, or through an integrated link with your claims system.


NextImageGRID™ schedules the patient for the first available appointment at the nearest qualified provider.

Scanpass™ Tracking:

All updates are tracked and status reports are available online through our Web Portal and via active notifications.


High-quality imaging provider performs the scan and files the radiologist’s report electronically to NextImage Web Portal.


Adjuster, case manager, and referring physician can receive instant notification of completed exams and can review reports online.